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DevGuild: Leck Linux

Leck Linux is an ambitious linux distribution based loosely on debian. This linux attempts to correct all the minor and major conceptual and specific problems in the popular debian distribution. Then Leck Linux will progress to include weak artificial intelligence as well as other potential improvements in computers like a general decompiler. The first downloadable image is scheduled to be released early 2015.

The development team consists of only one person currently, named Chris Chandler aka Leck. The most current information about Leck Linux and beta downloads is released via a monthlyish newsletter. To sign up for the newsletter, email Leck at electorite@lecksite.com and give your email address, or email your instant messanger screen name and type of client to be added to the Leck Linux Operating System Newsletter. Include the words "Leck Linux" to the subject line of the email please. Weak ai will be managing this email address eventually.



OS Type: Linux
Based on: Debian
Desktop: Gnome
  No Desktop
Runs on: i386
Category: Beginner
  Desktop OS
  Legacy Hardware
Website: Link
Download: NA
Support: Link
DevGuild Under Development


Additional data regarding this listing may be obtained from the developer's website.