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Distro Hunt's goal is to provide a directory for developers of Linux, GNU/Linux, BSD, GNU/Hurd and other distributions who wish to promote their projects without having to pay fees or endure idle times on a waiting list to get noticed. One of the "4 freedoms" is to be able to openly distribute your free software. To that end, we would like to give all developers a fair chance at getting their work recognized. There are a lot of talented individuals creating projects to benefit the community and in the spirit of good will, we are offering a FREE listing service where everyone can gain exposure. More page views on your project website means more people using your software and more people giving you their support. This is a WIN WIN for everyone! We offer the community an even playing field without bias. This is not a popularity contest, everyone is treated equally on this website. We will not favor one distribution over another.

This project is operated by volunteers of the "Cup of Linux" community and is self supported through donations. As such, Distro Hunt offers a PREMIUM feature which allows supporters to submit a video instead of a screenshot for a very reasonable donation. Supporter listings in this directory will NOT have any priority over free listings.

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