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Distro Hunt Frequently Asked Questions

How can you say this directory is unbiased? "Distro X" says they are the best.

Opinions expressed in the descriptions are those of the developer or development team and do not reflect the views of Distro Hunt as a whole. Only you can decide which distribution is right for you. 

How much does it cost to get listed?

There is no cost for promoting your project on Distro Hunt. You may submit a video to use instead of a screenshot for a reasonable donation. All donations will go into an operating fund which cover maintenance fees and improvements to this website.

How do I find which distros are most popular? How do I rate a distro?

This is a project listing service, not a popularity contest. This registry will not endorse any distribution over another. We will not post rankings based on page views or use any other mechanisms which can be abused. Everyone is treated equally here.

I'm having problems with a listed distribution, how do I get support?

All registrants are required to have a forum or support ticket page. Please visit their support link.

The download link for a distro is broken, what do I do?

Please press the feedback link and report the problem to us. We will verify the problem and contact the developer if necessary.

My project is in the development phase, can I still list it here?

Absolutely! We have a listing for projects which are being developed called "The Developer Guild". This will allow you to post information on your project so others can find you and offer their support.

A particular distro has multiple versions and they aren't listed here.

In order to have a level playing field, we only allow ONE listing per developer or website. It is up to the registrant to include information regarding multiple versions/flavors in their product description.

A distro is releasing copyrighted materials, who can I report this to?

If you are concerned about software being bundled in a distribution, please contact the developer. You may also fill out our contact form. If a distribution is found to have illegal or immoral content of any kind it will be removed from this listing. Additionally, Distro Hunt reserves the right to reject projects which contain questionable material.

Can I list someone else's distro on here?

Project leaders, developers or individuals who are legally representing the project's development team my apply for a listing. Please do not list a project you are not part of.

Can I list my paid distro on here?

Of Course. Your project must be "free as in freedom" not "free as in cost". There are several distributions which have a paid support model and they are welcome to be represented here.

How long do listings stay on here?

Distribution listings are indefinite. It is the promoter's responsibility to keep us updated with their project. If their site goes down and download links become unavailable, we will contact them. If they do not provide us with updated material, their listing will be deactivated.

Does my distro need to reach some goal to be listed?

It does not matter whether you have ONE or ONE MILLION users. Everyone can be listed here as long as they meet the listing requirements covered on our submission forms.

What are your Listing-requirements?

You must submit a complete application. ALL form fields MUST be filled out with the exception of the optional areas. To see what those requirements are, please read the Distro Hunt and/or the Developer Guild submission forms. if you have any questions about registering, please use the feedback link.

Is there a developer forum for Distro Hunt?

YES! The discussion board for Distro Hunt is available HERE.

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