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Using Distro Hunt search is easy. If you are seeking a project based on specific perameters you can use the following key words. For example; if you are looking for a project based on Ubuntu and you are a gamer, you can use the following in the search field: Ubuntu gaming. You can use any combination of key words to obtain different results. By default, this search will look for listings which contain ALL words. If the results do not show enough listings, you can select "use any word" on the next search screen. This directory is new. Once we have more projects indexed, searches will be more productive. You can also click any keyword to display all listings which have that tag. Happy hunting!

Category Family Desktop Hardware
    Beginners     Arch     Awesome     Arm  
    Clusters     BSD     Blackbox     i386
    Desktop OS     Debian     Cinnamon     i486
    Education     Fedora     CLI     i586
    Firewall     Gentoo     Enlightenment     i686                 
    Forensics     Independent          Fluxbox     Sparc32
    Gaming     LFS     GNOME                    Sparc64
    Legacy Hardware     Puppy     i3-wm     x86_64
    LIVE Disk     Red Hat     IceWM  
    Raspberry Pi     Slackware     KDE Developer Guild
    Multimedia     Solaris     LXDE     devguild
    Netbooks     Source based     LXQt     prototype
    NAS     Ubuntu     MATE  
    Privacy       Openbox  
   Repair       pekwm  
   Rescue CD       Ratpoison  

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